Fancy Sapphire Engagement Rings

Welcome! My name is Eidel, I am a jewelry designer from Toronto, Canada, specializing primarily in sapphire engagement rings.  I started out by selling my collection of silver and gold jewelry with sapphires and other precious stones at select jewelry boutiques in Toronto and opened my Etsy shop in 2007.
I studied jewelry at the GIA and the George Brown College of Toronto.
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My pastel colored sapphires were very popular as bridal jewelry for color-themed weddings. I created my first sapphire engagement ring by special customer request. It was one of the first rings listed in my Eidelprecious shop on Etsy. This "medium blue round sapphire ring" inspired by Tiffany became a huge success. It was featured in Etsy Stroke and many requests to replicate the ring followed.
I became more and more fascinated by the variety of colors sapphires can display and kept looking for some unique and rare hues. I came across one very light Orange/Pink sapphire among the samples of fancy colored sapphires my supplier brought from Sri Lanka. The color was so gorgeous that i saw right away it was a perfect match for rose gold. I decided to name the color Peach Champagne and made my first Peach Champagne Sapphire engagement ring. Since then it became my signature. I claim the honor of having coined the term which is now widely used on Etsy and elsewhere.

Peach Sapphires seem to be on top of bridal fashion pyramid now. Because peach sapphires are very hard to get, there is a trend to substitute them with morganites. Although morganites are similar in color, they are much softer and might be damaged and become opaque in the long run. It is important to know that morganites are 7-10 times cheaper than sapphires and sell for just $100 per carat in North America. Thus, for a someone who wants to invest in engagement ring it might not be the best choice.
The reason Peach Champagne Sapphires are so hard to find is because when heated they acquire Padparadscha color, which is much more expensive and sought after. Clearly, dealers prefer Padparadscha to unheated raw material and hence "peach champagne" simply doesn't make it through the supply line.

As requests for my designs grew I have decided to concentrate exclusively on my rings. I always design the rings myself. Casting and setting are made in house with help of Mike and Harry.

Just a few words about the clarity of colored stones:
I use only very clear transparent stones graded VS-SI. My stones are eye-clean, unless specified otherwise. By eye-clean I mean they are transparent, not milky or opaque. Being neither heat-treated, nor clarity-enhanced, they may have natural characteristics that in my opinion do not diminish the overall beauty of these sapphires. I spend a lot of time picking high quality gems with attractive and rare hues that are not available elsewhere. To avoid any possible misunderstanding regarding color/clarity, I offer 7-day inspection period for all my rings except custom-orders.

The best word to describe my jewelry is "delicate". Most of my diamond settings are somewhat fragile. They are well made and will stand regular wear and tear, however, dropping or banging may damage the ring. If you like the dainty look of the ring please consider that it is achieved by using tinier prongs and thinner gold bands - which makes the ring more sensitive to rough usage. If you have doubts about durability of the ring due to your active lifestyle - please contact me and I`ll suggest the design that is more solid and hard to be damaged.

Most of my Halo engagement rings have Fleur de lis design on the back. This is my signature Eidelprecious design that symbolizes my connection to France and Paris in particular.

When you buy a ring at EidelPrecious, it comes in a beautiful wooden or leather gift box. Kindly note, identification certificate for the jewelry - issued by an independent third party GIA certified Graduate Gemologist (GG) - can only be provided upon request at additional charge. If you have not contacted me to order an appraisal at the moment of purchase, the ring will be shipped without paperwork.

It is my policy not to replicate other Etsy sellers designs.

I do my best to answer your messages asap during the week, however Friday-Sunday I do things away from my computer, so please be patient :)

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