The sun is starting to shine, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blossoming in New York City. It’s a sight of blues, greens, and the most eye-catching of all, pinks. We associated pink with spring flowers, roses, and the most decadent of sweets. As spring makes its way to the Big Apple, it has couples feeling giddy with excitement and happiness, seeing the sun peek out from over the building tops.  

 We are introducing a line of Pink Sapphires to complement the happiness of this spring season! One of our most popular gemstone colors today, pink is sweeping the jewelry catalogues, and your fiancé has probably taken notice!  


Pink Sapphires come in an array of shades, from rose gold and opal tones, to deep magenta and darker pinks. There's a shade of pink to fit every style, and there are a lot of styles in New York City! 

These gems look best on wearers with lighter skin-tones, but that’s just my personal recommendation! Anyone can flaunt these gorgeous rocks with confidence and a smile.

  One of the most well known Pink sapphires  and most expensive one is Padparadscha sapphire (or Pad, lovingly called by gem deallers), "a Lotus flower at Sunset" .

Padparadscha sapphire ring 

Pads come from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). They are usually heated, which is a GIA approved treatment for sapphires. But be aware of  beryllium -infusion - that gives sapphires strong orange/pink hue and is not accepted by GIA.

My favorite pink sapphire is Dusty-rose one. It has very light smokey-ring hue. It looks as amazing in rose gold as in white gold.

Dusty rose sapphire engagement ring

Dusty rose sapphire

Another beautiful shade of pink is Raspberry pink. It would appeal to girls who like both Pink AND Purple.

Raspberry pink sapphire ring

Petal pink or blush pink is very pretty and has some warm rosy notes. According to my own theory, a liking of certain scents and colors go together. If your girlfriend likes floral perfumes, she`d probably like this sapphires.

Petal pink sapphire ring

Blush pink sapphire engagement ring

For lovers of more saturated pink colors, there is a pomegranate pink sapphire, a dark pink with deep purple overtone

Pomegranate sapphire ring

Considering a Pink sapphire for your engagement ring, you might also want to know that the color Pink represents caring and compassion. It stands for unconditional love and understanding. 

Pink Gemstones are believed to bring about serenity, relaxation and acceptance, as well to neutralize disorder or soften frustration. 

With this in mind, I hope you`ll find your shade of Pink.